This is Heartland

With Big Ideas.

Heartland is an agricultural services company poised to further grow agribusiness in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are expertly positioned as aggregators to unlock agricultural potential within the continent’s sub-region to drive the sector into the future. 

We have comprehensive and intimate knowledge about this, and we’ve structured our services around areas that can propel new eras for farming and the agribusiness ecosystem

Our Produce

As the finest farmers in today’s agricultural sector, we hope to be acknowledged both nationally and internationally.



Our Story

Supply The Best Organic Products Since 1985

We grow and harvest high-grade maize, cassava yields, and oil palm seedlings and provide livestock farming. In addition, we also offer production and storage cycle support services, crop protection solutions, inputs and hi-tech equipment, and an array of other specialty products and services to growers and farmers.

Efficient workforce

Fresh & Healthy

Pure and healthy farm produce

Our Farm

Dilligent Farming Methods
from Good Farmers

We make investments in cutting-edge technology and encourage innovation in all areas to keep our farming methods at the forefront of the sector. 

This is motivated by our desire for a long-term company that prospers and contributes significantly to bolstering the multiplicative impact of commodities in the agricultural sector of Sub-Saharan Africa.